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Today, almost everything relies on the internet. COVID-19 has reminded us of exactly that. Despite all the hype around social media, everything still goes through the world’s number one Search Engine – Google. From researching products online, comparing prices across platforms and service providers, and checking for reviews before purchasing a product/service – everything goes through the web.

As an advice business, why should you be taking advantage of this?

It connects you to potential clients

There are over 3.5 billion searches every day according to Internet Live Stats. This means that your potential clients are probably searching for you, but can’t find you because you don’t yet have a web presence or because your website may not be optimised to cater to them!

By setting up a website, you can clearly explain what you can do for potential clients, why they should choose you, and how they will benefit – and this can be easily done via user-friendly media forms such as videos and infographics.

It helps you make a good first impression

The first step to making a sale is undoubtedly making a good first impression. Having an optimised website will significantly help with this and keep visitors interested and engaged in your services. This is even more important if your visitors are visiting your site after checking out your competition!

Here’s why your advice business needs an optimised website

Some of the websites we have built

Your website is a 24/7 marketing tool

While a salesman may only have a fixed, allocated time to convert your leads, your website is a round the clock tool which educates and engages with prospective clients. An optimised website will help convert leads to customers in no time, with minimal effort and at an unmatched cost of conversion!

You can leverage calls to action

A call to action invites your impressed visitors to get in touch with you, either directly through a contact form, or through a specific action such as enrolment in a webinar, subscription to a newsletter or eBook download.  This then provides you with the opportunity to follow up and convert these leads.

You can build trust through effective content

Effective content drives traffic to your website, and you can do this by ensuring that your website is optimised, and by publishing effective content such as blogs/articles and videos. This is extremely useful because when a potential client searches for a service that you can provide, your website will be on Google’s first search page – effectively providing you with a new lead!

According to Hubspot, 63% of marketers stated that they are looking to upgrade their websites. Businesses and marketers are now realising the power of websites – are you? Get in touch with us to set up an optimised website in a quick and cost-effective manner!


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