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Have you received a testimonial from a client? If you have, where is it currently sitting – in a drawer, email, notepad, or perhaps, even in your head?

Having your clients put into words what you have done for them is one of the hardest things to achieve in business. In the financial planning industry, testimonials are as good as gold as they help prospective clients understand what you can actually do for them.

The articulation of what an adviser does can be an incredibly bland story. While this usually entails things like “They rolled over my Super and I have cover that will help if I get sick or injured” – the story of how you have helped a client achieve a big goal in life is vastly different. “We worked with X and they helped us save for a deposit for our family home. We also know that if one of us gets sick, the family will still be able to manage financially. We cannot speak more highly of their skills.”

Capitalising on these testimonials is a great way to convey your value to potential clients. A section in a newsletter will suffice, but there are more enticing ways to provide this information to your audience. We have proven strategies to drive engagement, and we know they work because we have done it ourselves.

We now have a strong engagement record across our social media channels, and this subsequently drives traffic to our website based on the content that we publish. From a decade of experience in the financial planning industry, we are well versed with what your clients are looking for, and know how to best engage with them.

If this is something that you are interested in, reach out to us, and let’s look at how we can grow your business.

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